Construction Phases

In October 1993 earth moving machines excavated a platform at the TNG site. The following Spring work began to build containment walls. [Excavations]
[Walls] In June 1994 the 9-m high concrete walls were completed.
July 1994: casting of the central telescope pillar, 6 m in diameter. [Pillar]
[Top of pillar] The 9.6-m high pillar is accessible from within. Before installing the first pieces of the telescope, precise measurements of the co-ordinates of its center were performed.
The annex building and elevator structure were completed by November 1994. [Annex building]
[Rotation cylinder] Summer 1995: a lower cylindrical wall, 9-m in diameter, is being built around the pillar to sustain the rotating dome. Casting of the last sector of the bridge is under way.
October 1995, the first bulkier pieces of the telescope are mounted on the pillar before dome construction. Here the hydrostatic bearing is being fixed to the baseplate. [Hydrostatic bearing]
[Azimuth box] The azimuth box, the single heaviest piece, is lowered onto its bearing.
100 carriages are fixed to a circular rail to complete the dome rotating system built by THK (Japan). [Rotation device]
[Supporting beam] On top of the rotating system a strong circular beam is positioned, to which the metallic dome will be fixed. The azimuth box is well protected to face the coming winter.
Detail of the rotating device. [Detail]
[Metallic structure] December 1995. Erection of the metallic structure of the building has begun but the hard winter will put a stop to the works.
[Metallic structure] [Structure completed]
Spring 1996. Assembling of the steel structure is completed. Panelling with aluminium sheets will follow.

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