Giovanni Carraro



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  • My activity:
  • I have a broad interest in the study of Galactic clusters. They are quite important laboratories to test the structure and evolution of stars and to understand the formation, evolution and properties of the Galactic disk. I am currently collaborating with Gustavo Baume (La Plata), Andre' Moitinho (Lisboa), Alfred Rosenberg (IAC). I am involved in the UKIDSS Galactic Custers Survey (see below) to probe the Mass Function in the substellar regime, and I recently joined MODEST adventure, trying to coordinate theoretical and observational work in the field of open clusters within the WG9 working group. Please, drop an e-mail for any curiosity you may have.
  • Here you can grab a ppt copy of my presentation at MODEST-4 meeting in Nyon

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  • Ongoing projects (related to MODEST):
  • Evaporation of open clusters, open cluster remnants (e.g. Collinder 21) , in collaboration with Sandro Villanova (Padova), Brian Skiff (Flagstaff) and Raul de la Fuente Marcos (Madrid);
    Blue stragglers in Open Clusters, in collaboration with Giampaolo Piotto e Fabrizio de Marchi (Padova), Santino Cassisi (Teramo);
    IMF and star formation in young open clusters ( in Carina) , in collaboration with Gustavo Baume (Padova), Martino Romaniello (ESO), Paolo Ventura (Roma) and Ferdinando Patat (ESO).

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  • Giovanni Carraro; Tel. +39 49 827 8222;
    Last modified: October 9, 2003